Life is Precious

When you are experiencing a personal crisis, it’s critical that you speak to someone or reach out for help. But oftentimes fear of calling the helplines because you aren’t sure what will happen if you do call, keeps you away. Understanding what happens when you call the Befrienders can help ease your worries and make reaching out much easier.

Befrienders is a non-profit organization that provides emotional support to people who are lonely, in distress and despairing, including those with suicidal thoughts. Even if you are not suicidal but are overwhelmed by a loss (of a loved one, job, etc) or going through serious relationship issues, suffering from illness or any other personal dilemma, you can use our services. Rest assured that your call is important and there is someone who cares enough to listen.

All our volunteers are trained and each conversation is treated as strictly confidential. You can remain anonymous; not reveal your name. Once your call is answered, a caring and trained person will listen to you, learn about your situation by asking questions to generally understand how you feel, give you the time to share your problem and explore options if you feel lost about how to cope with the situation.

The goal of our hotline services is to help you by providing emotional support and prevent suicide. Will we call the authorities if you are suicidal? The answer is “No”, though our volunteers may try to gain your permission get help. Your life is always worth a phone call and every option is preferable to suicide.

Remember, people on the other end of the hotline are caring individuals and talking to them will be a positive experience.

If you’re troubled or in a crisis now, do not hesitate to call the Befrienders at any one of our 9 centres in Malaysia:

Befrienders Centre Helpline Service hours Email for befriending
Penang 04-281 1108 /

281 5161

3pm – 12am Mon – Thurs

5pm – 11pm Sat & Sun                                     
Ipoh 05-547 7955/33 4pm – 12am Mon – Sat

24hrs on Sunday

Kuala Lumpur 03-7956 8145 24 hrs daily
Seremban 06-632 1772/3 7pm – 10pm daily
Malacca 06-284 2500 7pm – 12am daily  
Muar    06-952 0313 8pm – 11pm daily
Johor Bahru 07-331 2300 4pm – 12am daily                                   
Kota Kinabalu 08-825 5788 7pm – 10pm daily                                   

Kuching 082-242800 6.30pm – 9.30pm daily